14 Aug 2003

Solomons warlord Harold Keke surrenders to intervention force

11:07 am on 14 August 2003

A Solomon Islands warlord, Harold Keke, has surrendered to the Australian-led intervention force during talks at the village of Mbiti in his Weathercoast stronghold south of the capital Honiara.

Up to 50 members of Keke's Guadalcanal Liberation Front surrendered their weapons, including 28 high-powered rifles, after their leader gave himself up.

Keke, two of his commanders and members of his immediate family were flown to the Australian navy troop ship and operation command centre, HMAS Manoora, which later left for the capital

Officials said no deals had been made with Keke, who was arrested on a warrant relating to 1998 robbery charges.

He is expected to appear on those charges today and is likely to be detained while other charges are investigated.