20 Aug 2003

Fiji Indian families terrorised in Baulevu

7:21 am on 20 August 2003

There has been another report of anti-Indian terrorism in Fiji, this time from an area which was subject to such attacks during the coup.

The Daily Post reports that the rural families have told of how they are terrorised for food, money and cattle, and forced to listen to Christian teachings by a group of men and women who invade their homes on the pretext of preaching to them.

The five families live in Baulevu, north of Nausori, which suffered similar attacks three years ago.

Some families are reported to have fled their homes to seek shelter with relatives after women were attacked by masked men in incidents which were repeated over many nights.

The police spokesman, Mesake Koroi, says the matter is under investigation but has described the situation as a storm in a teacup.