20 Aug 2003

American Samoan politician angry at lack of detail in Budget for Fono

3:31 pm on 20 August 2003

A member of the American Samoa Legislature says the Government has got to reveal details about the four point six million US dollars budgetted to run the Fono.

Agaoleatu Charlie Tautolo says a one line budget outline in the budget statement says nothing about how taxpayers money for the Fono is being spent.

He says its a bad practice, and impossible for members to properly review and approve it.

"They can play a lot of hidden stuff in there.....because you know what can you say? because there is nothing you can see to justify that. And I heard rumours, that they have increased a lot of employees wages,... you know relatives and friends."

Agaoleatu says it's the second year in a row, the Fono's budget has lacked detail.