28 Aug 2003

Vanuatu Opposition leader wary over help to Aceh groups

4:01 am on 28 August 2003

Vanuatu's opposition National United Party says government support for a group from the Indonesian province of Aceh should be given only if there are benefits to the country.

IThe party's general secreatary Willie Jimmy says the government should refrain from supporting movements such as GAM if there is nothing in it for Vanuatu.

His comments come after the Vanuatu government said it held informal talks with people from the Indonesian province over establishing an office, similiar to that of the Free Papua Movement in Port Vila.

Mr Jimmy says the Vanuatu government shouldn't get involved in the problems of other countries when it has its own.

"It would be of interest to assist or help if Vanuatu was to get some benefit in the future from what they intend to do but otherwise we have our own problems in our own backyard to sort out first before we can start looking to solve others problems."

Willie Jimmy in Vanuatu