1 Sep 2003

Vanuatu Lands Tribunal Department has new systems to help with land greivances

3:37 pm on 1 September 2003

The Lands Tribunal Department in Vanuatu now have a procedures policy in place to adminster the Lands Tribunals Act.

The Tribunal has struggled to implement the Act, which was passed by Parliament last year in an effort to ease grievances over land.

The Resource Management Officer for the Tribunal, Alicta Vuti, says they now have experiences and systems in place to make the Act effective, after a pilot run on Efate.

"When we established the Land Tribunal Act we didn't know anything about what would happen. We talk about the administrative system in the province, we talk about the capacity of the chiefs, all these thing you don't know but when we started working on Efate then we started to know whether the issues to addresss what's the problem."

Mr Vuti says the Lands Tribunal serves only as a guide for the different islands, and can be implemented to suit the different cultures.

He says in the past, efforts to solve grievances suffered as proper systems were not in place.