8 Sep 2003

Niue to get Chinese funds to host Forum summit

4:13 pm on 8 September 2003

The Niue Government says it will receive almost 90-thousand US dollars from China to help prepare for the 2004 Pacific Islands Forum Summit in Niue.

Niue's Finance Minister, Toke Talagi, says the funds will be used to build a leader's retreat at the northern village of Mutalau.

Mr Talagi says China's assistance is typical of its active role in the Pacific and as a Forum dialogue partner.

"The Chinese have been helping in the Pacific for sometime and it has been providing assistance for a number of Pacific Island countries, and it's assistance to Niue is part and parcel of that. We've been talking to them about a number of projects and the discussions we've had with respect to the Forum is one of those particular things."

Toke Talagi.

New Zealand has pledged almost 300-thousand dollars towards the event while Australia will give 115-thousand dollars.

Niue's tourist properties will accommodate regional leaders and plans are being made to construct 70 additional cottages while some delegates will be placed in private homes.

Niue is expecting around 300 delegates and visitors for the Forum.