9 Sep 2003

Vanuatu court imposes injunction on newspaper

11:35 am on 9 September 2003

The chairman of the Vanuatu Maritime Authority or VMA, Christophe Emele, has won an injunction against the Daily Post newspaper which he says has defamed him.

Editor and publisher Marc-Neil Jones, has run a series of stories calling for Mr Emele to be sacked, saying he is not up to the job.

But the court has issued an order restraining the paper from running stories concerning Mr Emele and his role at the VMA.

The Authority is currently under investigation for amid claims it is being mismanaged.

The paper was also ordered by the court to stop running what it called insulting news and letters attacking the Emele family.

Mr Emele says this came after a recent letter which defamed his son.

"But he said in reading what's provided to the court, he said there's nothing balanced in there, it looks like personal attack directly to Mr Emele. And further to that the magistrate granted the order because of our son. I feel better now because I can see that someone picked it up that Marc Neil-Jones always told in the newspaper was a personal attack."

Christophe Emele.

Last week, Mr Neil Jones said he had been assaulted by supporters of the MVA chairman.