16 Sep 2003

Samoa Air to resume limited service to Manu'a islands

10:34 am on 16 September 2003

The Pago Pago-based carrier Samoa Air says it will be providing a limited service to the Manu'as from tomorrow after the island was cut off for a week.

The carrier's chief executive officer, Andre Lavigne, says it can use its plane, which is due for maintenance, under special provisions.

"We are considering the lack of air service for about a week by the time we get back in essence an emergency for the Manu'as, and this is why are going to be helping, on a reduced schedule. We would like to fly two flights per week from Tafuna to Ofu and Ta'u and we can do that for quite a while, so we 'll be giving two flights a week."

The airline will not operate any flights to Samoa.