17 Sep 2003

Opposition MP on Niue questions set up of fish processing plant

4:49 am on 17 September 2003

An opposition MP on Niue says he will be questioning the government over the conditions under which a new fish processing plant will be set up in Alofi.

Terry Coe says as far as he knows, an environmental or social impact report hasn't been done.

He says the Reef Shipping company, which is setting up the plant in a joint venture with the government, has been offered a tax free holiday for several years.

Mr Coe says dumping of fish may also be a problem.

"Our other concern, which has happened in Rarotonga, is that the local fishermen now have had the price of their fish reduced from eight dollars, down to five dollars a kilo, because of the fishing company has been dumping the by catch, which is the fish they don't want, on to the local market."

Terry Coe.