17 Sep 2003

Fiji's Methodist church needs reform says former president

4:49 pm on 17 September 2003

A former president of Fiji's Methodist Church says it's badly in need of reform after an audit exposed discrepancies and possible financial abuse.

Reverend Josateki Koroi says corruption has been rife in the church since he was deposed from his position in 1989.

The reverend Koroi says church leaders have been too secret for too long.

"They live like millionaires among the poor and this government program blue print, to eradicate poverty, I don't think the blue print can ever fight the Methodist church that is causing people to become poorer by demanding them to give what they do not have."

The church's general secretary, Reverend Jione Lagi, is describing the articles on the audit as defamatory and is demanding to know who provided the confidential report.

But, the Fijian Political party, the SVT, is calling for a public inquiry into the affairs of the church.