18 Sep 2003

American Samoan Chief Procurement Officer set to be investigated

2:46 pm on 18 September 2003

American Samoa's governor Togiola Tulafono has been asked by the Senate Select Investigative Committee that local authorities begin a criminal investigation against cabinet member, Tafua Fa'au Seumanutafa, the government's chief procurement officer.

The committee, currently investigating allegations of abuse, misuse of public funds and corruption in government, requested that the governor order the attorney general and the police commissioner to launch the probe.

The committee's recommendation followed Seumanutafa's public testimonies earlier this month.

During his testimony, committee chairman, Senator Lualemaga Faoa informed the governor that Seumanutafa admitted to abusing the procurement statutues and approving contracts for his own family.

The committee's request comes three weeks after the Department of Public Safety's Criminal Investigative and Intelligence Bureau completed its probe into Seumanutafa.

The report has been forwarded to the governor for his review and final decision.