25 Sep 2003

Drug Awareness Campaign targets college kids

4:37 pm on 25 September 2003

Samoa's Assistant Police Commissioner says a drug awareness campaign is targeting college age students, in a bid to steer them away from illegal drug use.

This follows increasing numbers of young people being caught by police with illegal drug substances such as marujana or ice, a version of the drug methamphetamine.

Assistant Commissioner Poe Ualesi says they're calling on drug experts to assist them in their awareness campaign.

"The aim is that the awareness programme so that the schools, especially students who've been involved with violence and drugs and other related offences, and that the aim is that they can be aware of the dangers and consequences of being involved in offences of this nature."

Commissioner Ualesi says it is hard to locate exactly where drugs are being grown in the country.

He is calling on the public to help reduce the number of crime related offences caused by drugs, by reporting any signs of marujana plant growth or illegal substances being used to police.