25 Sep 2003

Polynesian Airlines in unique American Samoan service

4:35 pm on 25 September 2003

Samoan-based Polynesian Airlines has received the go-ahead from the US Department of Transportation to provide domestic flights in American Samoa.

In doing so, the department granted Polynesian's application for exemption to rules which prohibit a foreign carrier from flying between two US ports.

Polynesian can now provide regular flights between Pago Pago and the Manu'a Islands while the local airline, Samoa Air, carries out maintenance for its only aircraft.

Samoa Air's CEO Andre Lavigne says once Samoa Air is back, he expects Polynesian Airlines to pull out.

He also says he believes in providing the service, Polynesian Airlines is being reimbursed for its expenses by the American Samoan government.

"Of course we don't know the details of that arrangement it could mean anything Samoa air has never been reimbursed of it's expenses."

Andre Lavigne.