26 Sep 2003

Fiji military seeks removal of home affairs official

4:25 pm on 26 September 2003

A spokesman for the Fiji military, Warrant Officer Neumi Leweni, says they will not back down from their request to have the secretary of Home affairs removed.

The military has called for the removal of Col Jeremaia Waqanisau after he commented on a radio station about the military's role in putting the SDL party into power and its subservience to the government.

Warrant Officer Leweni says Col Waqanisau has called the integrity of the military into question.

He says the colonel has also spoken on security issues in the past without consulting the military.

Mr Leweni says they have still not had a response from the government, but they won't wait forever.

"There are mechanisms within government that we could follow to seek his removal and that our people will look into when we think that the reply for our recommendations is not met and might make further recommendations or putting pressure on whoever we should approach on the issue."

Warrant Officer Neumi Leweni.

Col Waqanisau has declined further comment.