29 Sep 2003

Employment queries over American Samoan involve din insurance scam

7:08 am on 29 September 2003

The Attorney General in American Samoa has been asked to give a legal opinion over whether one of those involved in an insurance scam can continue in his job at the Office of Procurement.

Iosefo Toilolo, a defendant in the AFLAC insurance scam, is awaiting sentence for his involvement in the filing of false medical insurance claims.

He entered a plea bargain agreement to one count of mail fraud and his sentencing, originally set for next month, has now been postponed until January.

He went back to his job at procurement shortly after his return from Honolulu.

The Director of Human resources, Puni Penei Sewell, says his understanding is that the guitly plea entered by Toilolo is the same as being convicted at trial.

He says the law states that the government cannot hire or continue to employ a person convicted of fraud, stealing and embezzlement.