9 Oct 2003

Two Palau fishermen missing for more than two weeks

4:58 pm on 9 October 2003

Two Palauan fishermen remain missing after two weeks despite search efforts bolstered by the high-tech assets of the American coastguard, air force and navy.

Leo Rechuld and Teodoro Decherong haven't been seen since they went fishing off the uninhabited Rock Islands in a seventeen foot speedboat on September 24th.

The chief of staff for the president, Bill Kuartei, says that computer models were used to analyse the wind directions, currents and areas that the boat could have drifted into.

The search has now been scaled down to a less intensive recovery effort that partly relies on fishing vessels in the region to keep a look out for the missing crew.

The US aided in the search effort as part of the Compact of Free Association that awarded Palau its independence in 1994.