10 Oct 2003

Solomons civil servant says people must work out the causes of the recent unrest in the country

12:41 pm on 10 October 2003

A Solomon Islands leader says her country needs to make a real effort to confront the causes of the recent unrest.

Ruth Liloqula, a senior civil servant, was also one of the founders of the Women for Peace movement which has been credited with helping stop the ethnic violence.

She says everyone is grateful for the impact the Regional Assistance Mission or RAMSI has had in in restoring law and order and stopping unauthorised Government spending.

She says this has given Solomon Islanders the time and space to sort themselves out.

But Ruth Liloqula says Solomon Islanders must sit down and work out the causes of the unrest.

"and look at solutions, and perhaps ask RAMSI to work out the solutions together with us. We have not come - at least in my opinion - we haven't come to that phase of the programme yet, nor have we had any opportunity to really sit down and look at that."