16 Oct 2003

Samoa fire service focused on Savai'i blaze

5:03 pm on 16 October 2003

All of Samoa's fire engines have been deployed on Savai'i Island to fight a fire burning for more than a week.

The fire in the Asau area has engulfed dozens of acres of forests and is threatening taro plantations as drought conditions continue.

All able bodied men in the area as well as some chiefs are helping the fire service to keep the fire away from homes.

The head of the fire service, Manu Falaula, has urged the public to be vigilant as Alan Ah Mu reports.

"He has also urged people elsewhere in the country, especially here on Upolu Island, and elsewhere on Savai'i to be very careful with fire because all their resources are focused now at Asau and if a substantial fire should break out anywhere else it will quite impossible to help out because they are all at Asau."