20 Oct 2003

Pacific Islands Forum calls on APEC to do more for the region

4:14 pm on 20 October 2003

The head of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat is calling on APEC to do more to help small and vulnerable Pacific island economies.

The secretary-general, Noel Levi, was speaking at the recent ministerial meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic co-operation, or APEC, group.

Mr Levi says he called on APEC for a greater recognition of the vulnerability of island economies and for them to be involved more tangibly.

He says the partnership between APEC and the islands' region could be extended and further developed into an arrangement similar to the one that it has with the European Union.

Mr Levi says APEC could help to compile individual country economic reports for Forum island countries and for their re-inclusion in APEC's Investment Climate guide.

The 16 member Pacific Islands Forum is an observer at APEC.

Three Forum members - Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, are also members of APEC.