20 Oct 2003

AusAID says improving the region's administration system is the greatest challenge

4:31 pm on 20 October 2003

An AusAID official says that helping Pacific Island countries to improve administration systems is the greatest challenge facing Australia's aid programme in the region.

Chris Gallus is the Australian Foreign Affairs parliamentary secretary who's responsible for the day to day running of Ausaid.

She says Australia's aid programme in the Pacific is a very good one, but helping island nations such as Papua New Guinea to improve what's known as governance is the top challenge.

"Forty percent of our work in the region will be on governance and that's to help overcome those administrative problems, to assist in the economies....because unless you have good governance your not going to have countries that are attractive to private investment. So this is gong to be one of the real cornerstones of getting the economic future of the Pacific moving."