21 Oct 2003

NZ is to focus its aid to Solomons on restoring primary education

9:15 pm on 21 October 2003

The New Zealand government is committing around five percent of its total overseas aid budget to help restore the primary education sector in Solomon Islands.

Through NZAID it will provide 11 million New Zealand dollars next year after giving nine million this year to try to restore basic education.

The Minister in Charge of Overseas Development, Marion Hobbs, says there will also be additional funds for other sectors in 2004.

"We are going to put an 11 million..will go towards primary teachers salaries and basic materials. There is some work that we are also doing though in terms of small businesses and support for those. It's work that we've already paid for but that we are going to increase that next year at community level."

Ms Hobbs also says the Government is preparing to provide similar high levels of aid for education right through to 2008.