21 Oct 2003

Fiji auditor-general cites more examples of public corruption

5:12 pm on 21 October 2003

Many of Fiji's top politicians and public servants are being named in a report by the auditor-general on the alleged misuse of state funds and property.

Eroni Vatuleka says the assistant minister for women used her official vehicle for personal reasons, and says some MPs have never repaid loans extended to them to buy cars.

Mr Vatuleka is calling for the finance ministry to repossess and sell the vehicles.

In the report, he also criticises the commerce ministry for reinstating an officer who was suspended for allegedly defrauding funds from a scheme to help small businesses.

He also names an officer in the ministry of foreign affairs who allegedly interfered in the tendering process for a project.

And Mr Vatuleka also names several foreign companies which he says, filed false documents to obtain business approval from the Fiji Trade and Investment Board.