29 Oct 2003

Fiji High Chief worried by failure of national leaders to condemn temple burning

11:16 am on 29 October 2003

A Fiji High Chief and former High Court judge has expressed concern at the lack of vocal condemnation from national leaders of the recent attacks on Hindu temples.

The Daily Post quotes Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi as saying his anxiety is based on the underlying intolerance which motivates such behaviour.

Ratu Joni has told a workshop on reconciliation that intolerance, intemperance and insensitivity do not occur naturally - it is all learned behaviour.

He says those who have no respect for others acquire that mindset from those around them, as well as the homes in which they grow up.

Ratu Joni says in order to create a tolerant, caring and open society, the leaders and parents of tomorrow must be taught these values.