29 Oct 2003

Fiji's Methodist church general secretary says too many religions confuse people

4:41 pm on 29 October 2003

The General secretary of Fiji's methodist church, John Langi, says there are already too many different faiths in the country without the introduction of more religions.

Mr Langi says the Methodist Church supports a call by the attorney general, Qoriniasi Bale, for tighter restrictions on the introduction of new religions.

However, a Fiji Times opinion poll of over a thousand people in Fiji found that 77 percent did not want any controls on new churches coming into the country.

But Mr Langi, who dismisses the poll, says an over-abundance of religions in the country confuses people...

"We have more than enough religions in Fiji, more than enough churches here. The more religions that come here, the more confused that people will become. And so, it's not helpful. We have more than enough and then people will want to say to that well, after all we're serving the same god; we're worshipping the same god. So, if we're worshipping the same god, why introduce more, if it's the same god we're worshipping."


IN: We have more than enough...

OUT: ...we are worshipping.

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The General secretary of Fiji's methodist church, John Langi