14 Nov 2003

Tonga claims success with can clean-up campaign

4:46 pm on 14 November 2003

An accounting firm in Tonga which is sponsoring an aluminium can clean-up campaign says they have noticed an improvement in the past two weeks.

Christine Uta'atu from Uta'atu and Associates says the campaign means the company is contributing to schools but also helping teach children how to look after the environment.

She says 17 schools from around the country have registered for the campaign.

Ms Uta'atu says as well as the streets being cleaner there has been a major change in people's attitudes since the campaign started.

"The children in some of the schools are really keen and motivated and parents have told me that the kids, when walking home from school, were picking up cans or telling their parents stop the car, stop the car, there's a can there, so I think it's helped. They really got the idea of the litter issue and I'm hoping that teachers are also talking to them about the recycling issue."

Christine Uta'atu.