20 Nov 2003

American Samoan hospital faces another million dollar lawsuit

11:26 am on 20 November 2003

The LBJ Hospital in American Samoa has been sued for the third time since September for the death of a patient.

The family of a woman who died shortly after giving birth to twins at the hospital two years ago has sued the hospital and the American Samoa government for 1-million US dollars.

The suit alleges that negligence on the part of the hospital caused the woman's


According to the suit Mrs Tupuono was well immediately after the a caserian operation to deliver the second of twins she gave birth to.

However 6 hours later she was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit because she was unresponsive and comatose.

The stated cause of death was hypovolemic shock due to post operative bleeding.

The plaintiffs claim that medical personnel attending to Mrs Tupuono failed to properly administer a blood transfusion even after she lost so much blood during the operation.

Last month two lawsuits totalling 3-POINT-5 million dollars were filed against the LBJ Hospital for the death of two infants.