24 Nov 2003

Issues surrounding Fiji's multi party Cabinet case will be heard by the Chief Justice

7:48 am on 24 November 2003

Fiji's multi party cabinet case will go before the Chief Justice Daniel Fatiaki, today.

This time, President Iloilo has asked the Supreme Court to rule on the number of seats that Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase's ruling SDL and the Fiji Labour Party should each have in a multi party Cabinet.

Following the July Supreme court order to the Prime Minister to form a multi party Cabinet without delay, Mr Qarase offered Labour 14 seats in an expanded 36 member Cabinet in which he wants to retain all existing ministers.

But the Labour Party says it is entitled to 17 in such a Cabinet.

Mr Fatiaki, who is the president of the Supreme Court, will hear submissions form the two sides in Chambers this morning and set a hearing date before the full bench of the court sometime early next year .