24 Nov 2003

Fiji's NFP accuses attorney-general of undermining constitution

4:45 pm on 24 November 2003

The leader of Fiji's National Federation Party says the attorney-general is undermining the constitution by asking minor parties for their views on a multi-party cabinet.

Prem Singh says Qoriniasi Bale is misinterpreting what the Supreme court ordered when it stated that parties be consulted.

He says the only ones that qualify are the ruling SDL and the Labour parties because they have sufficient seats in parliament to be represented in cabinet.

Mr Singh says he isn't happy with the attorney-general's move.

"The attorney general, in this case, is acting as an agent of the governing party. This is what I see because they must bring this to a conclusion. This impasse has been hanging upon us for a long time and it is hampering the development of the nation and it seems that the government of the day is not interested in bringing a speedy conclusion to the impasse."

Prem Singh, leader of the National Federation party.

In a written reply to questions, the solicitor-general, Nainendra Nand, said the Supreme Court registry advised his office to serve the Labour party and other interested parties in reference to the proportionality of the multi-party cabinet.