25 Nov 2003

Pitcairn survey to determine EU spending

5:02 pm on 25 November 2003

A survey in Pitcairn will be used to determine what projects will be funded.

The British High Commissioner and governor of Pitcairn, Richard Fell is on his way to the island with three engineers, to survey the possibility of an airstrip, and upgrade infrastructure.

The European Union has promised to release about 3 million US dollars, but the deputy governor Matthew Forbes, says the survey results will determine how it's spent.

"Whether the runway would be tarmac or grass, we don't know. We don't know exactly how long it would be , how much earth moving would be required, so we're hopeful that there will be enough funds there available to to take one of these projects forward, as I've said it has been looked at quite a few times, and we hope now that we might actually do something with it, but we need to wait for the survey results to come back."

Matthew Forbes.