26 Nov 2003

Vanuatu Fisheries Ministry set to prosecute Taiwanese fishermen

4:43 pm on 26 November 2003

Head of Licensing for Vanuatu's Fisheries Ministry says they're likely to charge the vessel master of a Taiwanese vessel arrested for fishing illegally within the country's exclusive zone.

William Navidi has confirmed another Taiwanese vessel registered under the ni-Vanuatu-owned company, Sound Fishing Group, was arrested yesterday inside the six-mile zone off the Sheperd Islands

Mr Navidi says it's the third of the company's Taiwanese vessels to be caught for alleged illegal fishing.

He says depending on the evidence being collected, they should be in a position to lay charges later today or tomorrow.

"We've detained the vessel now and we'll lay a charge depending on the evidence we've collected. We may charge the vessel master and initiate court proceedings. The court will then decide what course to take."

Head of Licensing for Vanuatu's Fisheries Ministry, William Navidi.