2 Dec 2003

Fiji's Health Minister says HIV/Aids cases could be much higher than those reported

12:49 pm on 2 December 2003

Fiji's Health Minister, Solomone Naivalu, says while the number of people with HIV/Aids is reported to be 129..the real figure could be as high as three thousand.

The Health Ministry has set up an Hiv/Aids information hotline to create greater awareness of the disease among the population.

Yesterday, the Pacific Islands AIDS Foundation launched a campaign to increase the rate of testing for HIV.

The drive centres on the message that all Pacific Islanders should consider themselves HIV positive until they are tested and proved to be clear.

The Fiji Times says the Methodist Church has mobilised its more than 200 thousand members to tackle the disease at family and community level.

Fiji's Ministry of Labour has begun work on drafting legislation to outlaw discrimination against people suffering from the disease.