10 Dec 2003

Fiji Chief says Indians are robbing indigenous Fijians of their ethnicity

4:33 pm on 10 December 2003

One of Fiji's highest chiefs has accused ethnic Indian academics of robbing the ethnicity of indigenous Fijians.

Adi Litia Cakobau, who is a senator, told the Upper House that Indian academics at the University of the South Pacific and the Institute of Pacific Studies are calling their studies of Indians in Fiji "Fijian Studies"

She says this is a form of ethnic violence and is very powerful because like the AIDs virus, it is not visible or obvious to its victims.

Adi Litia says the weapons are the keyboard and paper and no physical pain is involved.

She says the Indians are writing the indigenous Fijian people out of existence through their acts of ethnocide.

Adi Litia called on the Government to legislate an ethnic identity bill to criminalise the use of the word Fijian by any ethnic group not constitutionally defined as indigenous Fijian.