20 Dec 2003

Solomons magistrates court holds remand session in Rove prison

8:06 am on 20 December 2003

The Magistrates' Court in Honiara has held a marathon session in the Solomon Islands main prison, remanding in custody all but two of over fifty previously remanded prisoners prior to the end of the legal year yesterday.

Fifty-eight remanded prisoners appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate, davd Chetwynd, durin a four hour session in a makeshift courtroom in the hifh-security unit at Rove Prison.

All the so-called "high profile" prisoners who have been arrested since the arrival of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands appeared in the court and were remanded until January 2nd.

They included former Isatambu Freedom Movement commander, Andrew Te'e and Malaita Eagle Force commanders, James Kili, Manasseh Maelanga and Jimmy Lusibaea.

Rebel Guadalcanal militant leader Harold Keke and disgraced Communications and Aviation Minister, Daniel Fa'afunua also appeared and were remanded for fourteen days.