22 Dec 2003

Cook Islands MP dismisses allegations of hold up in declaratory judgement

4:26 pm on 22 December 2003

Allegations in the Cook Islands that a declaratory judgement on MP Norman George has been held up by the prime minister, have been called nonsense.

Mr George says as he acted as his own counsel, he would be informed first and he is yet to receive the judgement.

He says it's part of the silly season that the allegation was made by the Cook Islands party leader, Sir Geoffrey Henry.

"That is totally untrue because I should be the first to get a copy. I defended myself and as counsel representing me, I should get my copy immediately, that's how it works. The prime minister is not privy to the case and any allegation that he may be holding up the judgement, is absolute nonsense."

Norman George says he's expecting the judgement soon and is confident he will be cleared but if not, he will go to the court of appeal.

The chief justice will decide whether Mr George was double dipping for receiving funds from the government as a consultant, over and above his salary as an MP.