23 Dec 2003

Fiji Citizens Freedom Movement threatens to name those behind the 2000 coup and mutinies

11:35 am on 23 December 2003

The President of the Fiji Citizens Freedom Movement says government leaders who are allegedly behind the failed 2000 coup and who are now calling for the removal Commodore Bainimarama, must be held accountable.

James Bachu says he has given their names to the police to investigate, but so far nothing has been done.

He says he's fed up with corruption at top levels and is prepared to go public with evidence he first filed two and a half years ago.

Mr Bachu says if police don't act within 28 days, he will reveal the names.

"The top ten people in all these organisations, the civil service, the army, the police, if they are not changed, we will carry on with this corruption, unfair discrimination and terrorism is becoming very rife here and I can prove it in my own way."

Mr Bachu says the Citizens Freedom Movement is calling for the Minister of Home Affairs to appoint a non-controversial person as the commander of the Fiji military forces.