30 Dec 2003

The Solomon Islands government called to better administer RCD funds

7:52 pm on 30 December 2003

The Solomon Islands government is being urged to properly administer the Rural Community Development fund.

Manasseh Sogavare, a former prime minister and member of the Services subtaskforce, says the fund stems from the recognition that rural people aren't delivered services adequately.

But, the SIBC reports that he says it doesn't belittle the need for proper management.

Mr Sogavare says it's regretful that the RCDF programme has a low score in good governance and financial management in many constituencies.

He was adding his comments to those of a Malaita man, Filia Marmae, who has called for RAMSI to investigate the fund.

Mr Sogavare says there are no proper needs identification or project appraisal procedures to dtermine the viability and cost-effectiveness of the use of the funds.

He says the recommendations by the subtaskforce fully addresses the issues and the government should take the proposals to cabinet for approval and implementation.