31 Dec 2003

The Solomon Islands Council of Trade Unions threatens workers will strike

4:56 am on 31 December 2003

The Solomon Islands Council of Trade Unions says the prime ministers decision to award only a 2-point-5 percent salary increase to public servants will send the wrong signal to workers, who may go on strike.

Sir Allan Kamakeza had rejected a cost of living adjustment award, and varied the salary increase awarded by the Trade Disputes Panel.

National secretary Tony Kagovai says Sir Allan had passed a huge 2004 budget and expected workers to implement it, but had given them scrap.

He says as far as the SICTU is concerned, money is not a question in this issue.

Mr Kagovai says the bad management of the economy is killing the country.

He is calling for the prime minister to reconsider his decision, or workers may go on a nationwide strike next year.