5 Jan 2004

Solomon Islands government to reform

4:32 pm on 5 January 2004

The Solomon Islands government says it will implement its reform programme this year.

The prime minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, says this will include the restructuring of the public service, state institutions, governing system and the review of the country's laws.

Sir Allan says the restructuring and reforming of these areas is aimed at meeting the people's expectations, adding that the country has been over-adminstered.

He says with the restructure, institutions should work effectively and efficiently at a cost affordable government.

Sir Allan says the government will also try to address the country's economic recovery strategies.

He says this important task must be undertaken if the country is to move forward.

Sir Allan says economic reform can now be implemented because of the restoration of law and order.

He says the government will try to help resource owners with infrastructure to harvest their resources.

Sir Allans also says that engaging young people in economic activties will be a high priority because unemployed and idle youths may have contributed to the recent ethnic tension.