14 Jan 2004

Fiji invites businesspeople from India

11:51 am on 14 January 2004

Fiji's minister for multi-ethnic affairs, George Shiu Raj, has invited business people and industrialists from Gujerat state in India to invest and set up industries in Fiji.

Radio Fiji reports that Mr Shiu Raj issued the invitation when he met members of the Gujerat Chamber of Commerce in the state capital, Ahmedabad, while leading a 5-member delegation to the World Gujerati Festival.

He says Gujerati business people have tremendous scope to invest in businesses based on agricultural produce, fish, fruit and the garment industry.

The president of the Gujerat Chamber of Commerce says there was a huge scope for growth in commerce and industry between India and Fiji, particularly in the areas of information technology, health technology, tourism and sugar related industries.

Many of Fiji's most successful current businessmen originally came from Gujerat.