28 Jan 2004

Concerns raised after former American Samoan Education Director given a new government job

5:05 pm on 28 January 2004

There has been a mixed reaction in American Samoa to the hiring of a former Director of Education, Dr Sili Sataua, at the Office of Territorial and International Criminal Intelligence and Drug Enforcement, or OTICIDE.

Dr Sataua resigned last year amid a cloud of controversy over the misappropriation of funds from the school lunch program and the sourcing of furniture from companies owned by senior government officials.

Our correspondent says some locals see the move as an attempt to curry favour leading into this year's election, while others are happy a highly qualified educator is being used in another department.

She says others are questioning how a criminal investigation body such as OTICIDE can hire some one involved in something like the school lunch allegations.

But OTICIDE says it was satisfied before the appointment that Dr Sataua had not broken any laws.

The short term appointment has been approved by the Governor.