31 Jan 2004

PNG Aids council turns to television to get message across

9:36 am on 31 January 2004

The National Aids Council Secretariat in Papua New Guinea says it is turning to televised drama in its ongoing battle against the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The secretariat's deputy director, Peter Waliawi, says the incidence of HIV/AIDS in PNG is well over the seven thousand people who have tested positive for the disease.

He says the secretariat recently progressed from promoting safe sex through the use of condoms to urging couples, through television, to be faithful to one partner.

"We are campaigning more on an individual basis. For instance, on the television, we are focussing on a boy and a girl relationship, saying that they should not go on having many boyfriends or many girlfriends. They should stick to one partner, be faithful to one for life."

Peter Waliawi says the campaign, focussing on individuals, has been accepted more readily than the earlier effort to promote condon use.

But, Mr Waliawi says the campaign could use more funding, and that an Ausaid project runs out in about 16 months' time.