17 Feb 2004

U.S Bomber discovered in Palau

1:10 pm on 17 February 2004

A U.S Bomber has been found in waters off Palau, 60 years after it was shot down.

The remains of up to eight American servicemen could be on board and the exact position of the World War Two aircraft has not yet been released.

The leader of the volunteer Bentprop project, which tries to find missing aircraft, Dr Patrick Scannon, said the discovery of the men would help the families of those missing bring their relatives to rest.

The aircraft is a B-24 Bomber that was shot down during a pre-invasion raid on a Japanese air base established in Palau.

The BrentProp Project team as been in search for the B-24 for eight years.But recent released pictures by the U.S Military had lead the team to a new area of discovery.

Not only was this Air craft missing in action but Dr Scannon believes more than100 aircrafts were shot down over the Palau Island area.