17 Feb 2004

Fiji academic highlights the positive side of the brain drain

4:44 pm on 17 February 2004

The director of the Fiji Institute of Technology says he's forwarding a proposal to government to look at exporting nurses despite a current shortage in the country.

Kolinio Meo, who is also a member of the Human Resource Planning Committee, says the export of Fiji's skilled workers and professionals is an area that should be explored.

Mr Meo says there is a market for Fiji's Human Resoures and he says the government should take advantage.

He says Fiji would benefit from the extra remittances created by skilled Fiji nationals working overseas.

Mr Meo says he disagrees with the view local services would be hampered by his proposal.

"If we still think it is a negative saying it is gonna affect the services here and not do anything about it, then we will still get back to square one. What we should do is that the government should expand the training of nurses."

Kolinio Meo.