23 Feb 2004

Fiji police continue investigations into explosives find

4:22 pm on 23 February 2004

Police in Fiji are continuing their investigations into who was responsible for leaving a cache of explosives by a roadside in Tailevu province.

Spokesperson, Mesake Koroi, says four high-strength robust detonator explosives, manufactured by a company called Orica, were found by a farmer.

He says they had sufficient power to be able to bring down a multi-storey building but police don't believe that the find had anything to do with the rebels connected to the coup, many of whom come from Tailevu.

Mr Koroi says an expert would have been needed to detonate the explosives so they are investigating other possibilities.

"We are talking with the road construction companies to try and determine whether they used these kinds of explosives. Then of course, there is the mining company at Vatukola on the western side - whether they used these kinds of explosives as well. As of now, the investigations are still continuing'."

Mr Koroi says Orica Fiji has denied that it imported the explosives so police will be talking to Orica Australia.