26 Feb 2004

Niue's finance minister says the rebuilding effort is going well

5:36 pm on 26 February 2004

Niue's Finance Minister Toke Talagi says the rebuilding process on the cyclone-devastated island is going well as the massive clean-up effort continues.

Mr Talagi says 60 workers from French Polynesia have provided great assistance in the task of clearing the debris and helping construct kit-set homes for Niueans left homeless by Cyclone Heta.

He says they're still in the process of finalising the proposals concerning government houses for rent but hopes that by next week they will be able to annouce a tender for building them.

"A lot of the work, I understand yesterday in cabinet they advised, that 31 houses have already been repaired. Some of these are asbestos, some of them are not, and we've decided that we're going to have to make roofing repairs for all of the houses to ensure that there is security inside the houses and ensure that no water, no rain will seep further into the houses and cause further damage to the electricals and internal linings and so on."

Niue's finance Minister Toke Talagi