11 Mar 2004

New Caledonian party to push for Wallisian employment

2:38 pm on 11 March 2004

A New Caledonian party representing people from Wallis and Futuna says its campaign for the May territorial election will focus on employment opportunities.

The Oceanic Union, led by Michel Hema, has also questioned whether the main parties have sought to divide the political clout of the immigrant community from Wallis and Futuna.

Mr Hema has told RFO radio that under the Noumea accord on greater autonomy, his people are also part of the New Caledonia.

"It's above all about defending the community's interests, in particular employment because there are industries being set up, and it's not normal that, by chance, as we can see, our people miss out."

Voting will be on May the 9th for new provincial assemblies and a new territorial congress.