18 Mar 2004

Australia's Nauru refugee policy to be taken to UN body in Geneva

1:26 pm on 18 March 2004

The director of the refugee advocate group - A Just Australia - has gone to Geneva to bring the plight of detainees on Nauru into the international limelight.

There are currently more than 250 people including 83 children detained on Nauru.

The detainees were sent to the island by Australia and most of them have been there for over 2 years.

Howard Glenn has gone to a meeting of the UN Human Rights Commission which is being chaired by Australia.

Mr Glenn says he has travelled to the meeting to highlight Australia's poor treatment of asylum-seekers.

"It's an intractable issue from our point of view and we're starting to recognise that we need some world assistance to recognise that this is not a way that Australia should be behaving."

The director of A Just Australia, Howard Glenn.