23 Mar 2004

Fiji's SDL party says courts should reject latest Labour writ

1:02 pm on 23 March 2004

Fiji's ruling SDL Party says the courts should not entertain the latest writ filed against the prime minister by the Labour Party.

Labour has filed two writs against Laisenia Qarase claiming that it is entitled to 17 seats in a multi-party cabinet instead of the 14 offered and that the prime minister was not negotiating in good faith by offering minor portfolios.

The SDL's national director, Jale Baba, has told Radio Fiji that while both parties had agreed to refer the first case for a court ruling, the second had been initiated by the Labour Party alone.

Mr Baba says this is an indication of bad faith and the SDL does not believe that Mahendra Chaudhry is in a position to take anything forward by himself.

Mr Baba says it would be better for Mr Chaudhry to resign from the Labour Party.