24 Mar 2004

Fiji Telecom chairman revises Fujitsu link statements

6:36 am on 24 March 2004

The chairman of embattled Telecom Fiji, Lionel Yee, has been forced to revise his statements about his relationship with Fujitsu after the company's Australian branch contradicted him.

The Fiji Times reports that earlier this month, Mr Yee had said there was no conflict of interest because he was on the local board of Fujitsu, suppliers of telecommunications equipment to Telecom Fiji, in the 1980's and early 1990's before he took over the chair of the Fiji company.

But the newspaper says Fujitsu Australia's marketing manager, Terry Carter, has confirmed that Mr Yee was a member of the Fiji branch of Fujitsu New Zealand between 1992 and 2001.

During this period Fujitsu won contracts to supply equipment to Telecom Fiji.

Mr Yee now says the tender process by Fujitsu to Telecom Fiji was above board and he declared his interest and absented himself from the decision making process.