26 Mar 2004

Niue opposition wants to see cyclone recovery plan

11:21 am on 26 March 2004

Niue opposition MPs have yet to see details of the government's plan to recover from the devastating effects of Cyclone Heta in January.

An opposition MP, Terry Coe, says although some people involved in the agricultural sector and private sector have seen the plans, the opposition has not been invited to look at them.

He says its important for opposition MPs to see the plan because this is a time for everyone to work together.

Still, Mr Coe is aware of the some of the details and says he's concerned the 25-million US dollar price tag on the recovery plan is too high, and concentrated in the wrong area.

"They want 25, I think it is, 25 million New Zealand dollars to build up the public service. Well, if you're going to do that and you're only putting perhaps three million into the private sector, well it's not going to work. It's going the wrong way. It's being government-driven and not private-sector driven."

A Niue opposition MP, Terry Coe.